Regional Branch EKB Shkodër

  • Dr. Degës
    Brian Muriqi
    Mob: +355 676047932
    Tel: 022 243 457


    Rr. “Marin Bicikemi”, Lagja Perlat Rexhepi, përballë hotel Kolping



    Dega Rajonale Shkodër(1+2)


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          • Specialisti i Financës
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  • Mission:
    The regional branch aims at the smooth running of the ECB’s activity in the region where it has geographical scope, with respect to investments, sales, financial relations, administrative relations, customer relations, relations with local self-government units and other local institutions.


    1. It follows and implements the economic and financial program approved by the Governing Council of the ECB.

    2. Prepare the analysis of economic and financial activity, periodic and annual basis on the basis of balance sheet and financial statements.

    3. Cooperate with the local self-government bodies to provide construction sites and relevant documentation to enable housing investments with ECB funds.

    4. Continuously informs on the performance of investments in facilities that are funded by the ECB.

    5. Updates annually the data on the free market indicators of urban dwellings in the territory they cover for calculating the annual construction cost.

    6. It follows the entire procedure of filing, registration in the IPRRS and entering into contracts with buyers for new apartments constructed by the ECB.

    7. Enter into contracts with the citizens who benefit from the apartment from the previous buildings in the apartment fund with the respective DCM, for the purpose of their privatization.

    8. Conducts all court proceedings where the regional branch is party to the trial and compiles relevant court records.

    9. Follows customer relationships, classifies debtors, and tracks debtors’ debts according to the “Debt Management Manual”.

    10. In cooperation with the local self-government units, it follows the procedure for drafting lists of citizens who will benefit from housing in low-cost housing built by the ECB.

    11. Follows citizens’ complaints and correspondence.

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