Director General

Mrs. Redina Kodra

Director General

Email: +355 4 2227796

Fax: +355 4 2234978


Represents the ECB throughout its administrative and financial activity.

Representing the ECB in its relations with other institutions, in relations with third parties, promotes ECB’s activity with full competence, with the exception of the powers that the law has entrusted to the Governing Council.


Exercises the function of a member of the Steering Council of the National Housing Authority.

It oversees the materials prepared by the ECB’s departments or sectors and after approving them, submits them for decision-making at the meeting of the Steering Council on the agenda of the day.

Responses to the implementation of legal and sub-legal acts adopted by the Council of Ministers, the line ministry, the decisions of the ECB’s Governing Council, which are related to the activity exercised by the ECB.

Employees of the ECB appoint the employees, sign contracts of temporary and definitive employment for employees, in accordance with the structure approved by the Steering Council, excluding appointments that are the competence of the Steering Council.

Represents the ECB in conferences, meetings, seminars and other activities organized by the central organs, various public and non-public organizations in and out of the country or delegates the representation, as appropriate, to another ECB employee authorized by it. It carries out the annual work assessment for the directors of the directorates and the heads of sectors in the General Directorate as well as the directors of the regional branches.

It imposes disciplinary measures on all employees of the ECB that has competence and proposes disciplinary measures for employees within the competence of the Steering Council.

It issues orders, internal instructions for implementation of legal and sub legal acts for the management of the ECB, as well as follows and controls their implementation. In its absence, delegates some of the powers to Deputy General Director or an employee authorized by him.

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