Economic Department

Mr. Mark Dhana

Economic Department

Email: 069 69 11 766


The Economic Department, as part of the structure of the National Housing Authority, supports the activity of the ECB by implementing the applicable legislation in relation to the management of economic, financial, legal, legal, accounting, financial management and control provisions development of the normal activity of the director’s work processes.


  1. ECB’s economic and financial activity management, in co-operation with ECB structures, pursuant to Law no. 10296, dated 08.07.2010 “On financial management and control”, as amended.
  2. Responses to keeping accounting in the electronic financial program of ECB’s economic and financial activity, in accordance with law no. 9228, dated 29.04.2004 “On Accounting and Financial Statements”, as amended, and National Accounting Standards
  3. Drafts the economic and financial program, proposes the annual objectives of the action plan, for fulfilling the tasks of the economic program.
  4. It administers, follows and controls the realization according to the revenue, expenditure, and investment plan for the General Directorate and Regional Branches.
  5. It monitors work on managing the risk portfolio and achieving monthly and annual targets as well as identifying and assessing risks that jeopardize the achievement of objectives by the relevant ECB structures.
  6. Follows and treats in cooperation with the Legal Department correspondence with the local self-government units, regarding the treatment of housing by lending by facilitating conditions from the state of these citizens (loans with 3% interest per annum).
  7. In co-operation with the Technical Directorate and the Legal Department, it drafts the strategy for the administration and sale of objects invested and constructed by the ECB, as well as the privatization of objects returned to the apartment fund with the respective DCM.
  8. It monitors the work for the realization of sales for objects constructed with Entity funds or other income intended for sale in the free market. Follows up and controls the implementation of legal and sub-legal acts during the process of selling housing by regional branches.
  9. Performs economic and financial, periodic and annual economic analysis on the basis of balance sheet and financial statements.
  10. Management of approved budget funds for subsidizing loan interest payments in accordance with the legislation in force.
  11. Draft a mid-term budget plan for the National Housing Office, and prepare the reporting of budget expenditure monitoring for these programs.
  12. Follows correspondence and answers the letters addressed to this Directory.
  13. Analyzes, verifies accountable the claims / complaints coming to the General Directorate of the ECB for problems related to the activity of this directorate.


Economic Directorate (1 + 5)

– Director of Economic Directorate,

– Risk management specialist,

– Finance Specialist,

– Budget Specialist,

– Statistics and Credit Specialist,

– Housing and credit specialist.


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