Drejtoria Juridike

Mrs.Iris Llagami (Xhepa)

Legal Director


Email: iris.llagami@ekb.gov.al


Provision of legal and legal assistance within the legal framework in force, for better recognition and interpretation of legislation by the ECB structure.


-Provide legal assistance in the drafting of normative acts and internal guidelines governing the activity of the ECB, in support of the legal provisions in force.
-Provide public opinion and legal aid for the drafting of contracts and cooperation agreements that the ECB links with legal and physical entities, both domestic and foreign, in accordance with applicable legal and sub legal acts.
-Collaboration and coordination of work with the structures of the General Directorate of ECB and the Ministry of the line in the preparation of proposals on changes in the legal and sub legal acts on which the activity of the ECB is based in order to improve and supplement them.
-Representation of the General Directorate of the National Housing Authority in court proceedings where the ECB is a party and providing consultancy regarding prosecution of court proceedings by the Regional Branches.
-Follow-up of procedures for implementation of the Normative Act No.3 dated 01.08.2012 “On the release of housing for legal owners from homeless people, resident in formerly owned properties of expropriated subjects, as well as treatment through lending facilities with mitigating conditions from these assets citizens (credit at 0%).
-Handling and resolving, within the framework of competencies, requests and complaints of citizens addressed to the Legal Department.


Legal Directorate (1 + 8)
– Director of the Directorate
– Specialist for legislation
– Specialist in prosecuting court proceedings
– Specialist in prosecuting court proceedings
– Public Relations Specialist and Secretary of the Steering Council
– Public Relations Specialist
Dependent structure
Procurement Sector (1 + 2)
Procurement Sector Responsibility
– Procurement Specialist
– Procurement Specialist


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