Support Services Directory

Mr. Besnik Ymeraj

Support Services Directory


Nr.cel: +355 69 2213772


The Support Services Department coordinates the activity of the Directorates / Sectors in the General Directorate and regional branches in order to provide and support through logistics and human resources in accordance with the legislation in force.


  1. Follows and applies the legal provisions for the approval of the organic structure and the number of employees, follows the implementation of the procedures for filling vacancies.
  2. Keeps track of the dynamics of enrichment of personnel files, making them the relevant changes.
  3. Follows the implementation of approved legal procedures for employee acceptance and dismissal.
  4. It continuously follows human resource problems and their development through various qualifications and trainings and carries out the annual assessment process of relevant assessments for each specialist.
  5. Coordinates the actions to create the working conditions of the employees of the institution and foresees the logistical needs for the normal functioning of the activity as well as foresees the needs in the economic program of the following year.

Support Services Directory (1 + 15)

  • Director of the Department of Services
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist (IT)
  • Assistant to the General Director
  • Employee of Protocol and Archive
  • Storekeeper
  • Worker cleaning
  • Vehicle driver
  • Employee service
  • Maintenance technician
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