Drejtoria Teknike

Mrs. Mimoza Manastirliu

Technical Directorate

Email: mimoza.manastirliu@ekb.gov.al



The Technical Directorate addresses the problems of the technical sphere of construction, is responsible for securing the projects according to the state norms and providing the construction sites in cooperation with the units of local self-government.


  1. Adaptation of type projects based on geological studies and other functional and architectural reasons.
  2. Follows implementation of entrepreneurship contracts.
  3. Supervises the process of completing the finished objects in terms of value, time and quality and taking over them in support of the Instruction no. 3 of the Council of Ministers, dated 15.02.2001 “On the Supervision and Inspection of Construction Works”, as amended.
  4. Analyzes and calculates the cost of construction for different types of housing, studies the housing market and proposes a methodology for calculating the average selling price of the market each year.
  5. In co-operation with other Departments, it designs feasibility studies for new projects.
  6. It studies the design norms and proposes the design standards for housing built by the ECB.
  7. Consequently follows the process of housing construction up to their full mortgage.
  8. In cooperation with the Legal Department performs procedures related to the implementation of the legal and subordinate legal acts in force, for the treatment of loans with 0% interest of the tenant citizens in the former private property.

Technical Directorate (1 + 5)

  • Director of the Technical Directorate
  • Specialist for prices and cost
  • Construction Specialist
  • Construction Specialist
  • Project Specialist (Architect)
  • Surveillance and Surveillance Specialist
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