Service facilities for sale in Kavaja


The National Housing Office offers for sale 3 service units, located on the ground floor of the 8-storey residential building with 35 apartments in the former State Reserve area. Favorable position in relation to the road and the location in a developing urban area are two advantages for the development of any kind of activity. Initial auction value is 37,100 (thirty-seven thousand one hundred) lek / m² with VAT or 30,917 (thirty thousand nine hundred and seventeen) ALL without VAT. The deadline for submitting applications for participation is 22.05.2018 at 11:00.

Service Unit


Lokali Sip.shfrytezimi në m2
Njesia 2   71,55 m2
Njesia 3   41,47 m2
Njesia 4   77,44 m2

Totali i sip.te lokaleve ne k.perdhe 343,77 m2

Autoriteti shitës

Place of Auction Development: (Address: National Housing Office, “Street of Kavaja”, building no. 80, entry 1, floor 5 (former publishing house “Naim Frashëri”), Tirana, Tel; 042 230 996, 042 227 796, tel fax, 042 234 978


Flat 83/5, 8 storeys is simple, a residential architecture with a façade with plaster and plastic paint. The apartment is equipped with elevator. The ground floor is a floor with 3 units of service, for which refinishing works like layers, plastering and painting, doors and windows are performed with quality. The ground floor floor is waterproofed with two layers of granite and paved with quality ceramic tiles. A lightning strike network has been realized, the coupling is made with iron L50 * 50 * 5mm On the ground floor at the local service are realized the entrances and exits with special ramps. The stairs are worn with marble tiles.

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