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    The National Housing Authority is organized in the General Directorate, Directorate and Regional Branch, subordinated to the General Directorate. The Steering Council is the governing body and decision-making body, composed of 7 members, which makes decisions by majority vote on the most important problems of ECB. The General Director is the highest executive authority of the National Housing Office, whose mission is to establish a link between the Governing Council and the ECB’s administration, the management of the institution’s activity between the two Governing Council meetings .
    The organizational structure of the General Directorate is:

    General Director
    Deputy Director General

    GENERAL DIRECTORATE (36 employees)

    – Legal Directorate (6 employees)


    -Specialist Procurement

    -Specialists contracts

    -Specialists contracts

    -Specialist in prosecuting court cases

    -Specialist for Legislation and Secretary of the Steering Council

    Technical Directorate (6 employees)


    -Specialist cost price

    -Specialist cost price

    -Specialist projector

    -Specialist projector

    -Specialist supervisor and trainer

    Economic Directorate (5 employees)


    Accounting Specialist

    -Specialist finance

    – Privatization Specialist

    – Privatization Specialist

    Support Services Directory (14 employees)


    – Human Resources Specialist

    -Specialist of IT

    – Assistant to the General Director

    -Protocol and archive


    -Punion cleaning

    – Vehicle driver (2 drivers)

    -Punion service (4 guard)

    Internal Audit Sector (3 employees)

    – Sector Responsibility

    -Specialist audit

    -Specialist audit

    REGIONAL DIRECTORATE (3 employees)

    Tirana ”

    Durrës ”

    Korçë ”

    Elbasan ”

    Shkodër ”

    Vlora ”

    Fier ”

    Gjirokastra ”

    Debar ”

    Berat ”

    Lezha ”

    Kukës ”

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