National Housing Agency “Profile”

National Housing Agency “Profile”


• Name and Headquarters.

– National Housing Agency, acronym – “NHA”
– Central office, “NHA General Directorate”
– Address: Sulejman Delvina, street, Tirana.
– Official Website:
– E-mail:
– Tel: 00355 42 227 – 796

• Status

– The National Housing Agency is a self financing institution, under the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, endowed with legal personality, created for an indefinite period of time by the Council of Ministers order no. 198, dt. 05.04.1993, “On the establishment of the National Housing Agency.”

• Mission and the Object of Activity

-To finance and treat the needs for housing
– To be the main factor for the implementation of programs on housing policy
– Funding
– Construction
– Administration
– Rental and sale of housing in terms of the free market and to support housing policy.
– Other activities related to housing policy made by special agreement.
– Entity may participate in joint activities with local government units in the implementation of housing policies.

• Legal support

– Law no. 7582, date. 13.07.1992 “On State enterprises”.
– Decision no. 198, no. 05.04.1993, “On the establishment of the National Housing Agency.”
– Law no. 7961, date. 12.07.1995, “Labor Code of the Republic of Albania”.
– Law no. 10296, date. 08.07.2010, “On Management and Financial Control”.
– Law no. 9643 date. 20.11.2006, “On Public Procurement”
– Statute of the National Housing Agency.
– Decisions of the Governing Council of the National Housing Agency.
– Orders, Instructions and rules of engagement issued by the Director General of the NHA.

• Sources of Financing

– Income assigned to NHA by State and Local Budget.
– Income from loans.
– Loans from domestic and foreign Financial Institutions.
– Income from domestic and foreign donors.
– Income derived from investment of funds of NHA itself.
– The income arising from the privatization of public housing.
– Income from the sale of housing.
– Other income from movable and immovable property that NHA can find.

• Organizational structure of NHA’s, Organization and Governing Bodies.

– NHA is organized in General Directorate, Regional Directorate and Regional Branches under the General Directorate.
– Managing
a) The Council
b) The General Directorate
– Regional Directorates and Regional Branches are 12 (8 Regional Directorate and 4 Regional Branches), which are generated based regional offices and relevant for the exercise of their activities and includes some areas that are administered by municipalities and communes.

• The scope of activity, Territory

– NHA conducts activities in the territory of the Republic of Albania through:
a) General Directorate of Tirana
b) Regional Directorate:
Tirana, Shkoder, Durres, Elbasan, Fier, Vlora, Gjirokastra. Korca.
c) Regional Branches:
Kukes, Dibra, Lezha, Berat.

• The main objective of 2014

– Investment for construction of residential apartments to help the people in need, according to lists of homeless Municipal Councils, the Municipalities of Fier, Lushnja, Berat, Elbasan, Korca, Lezha.

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