Project Pilot

Increasing energy efficiency in flats is one of the latest innovations of the National Housing Office, which is engaged in the realization of a pilot project for the construction of a low-cost housing, where this construction method will be applied. The purpose of this new initiative is multi-dimensional. Improving the energy performance of the apartment affects: Improving the living conditions of the inhabitants; In reducing energy bills for heating and cooling; A greater lifespan of the building; At Affordable Maintenance Costs; In the reduction of carbon emissions (CO2). To support the implementation of the pilot project, the Regional Directorate of Korca has conducted a survey in the form of a questionnaire with citizens housed in apartments built by the ECB. The purpose of this questionnaire was to assess the level of energy consumption, mainly for heating, and the comfort of the inhabitants. The questionnaire contained 24 questions and was divided into two parts: Family and Housing; Energy consumption and resources. The questionnaire was developed in 21 randomly selected apartments, but could represent different apartment positions as orientation and floor.

download2Vëzhgim mbi konsumin e energjisë dhe nivelin e konfortit të familjeve në banesat e ndërtuara nga Enti Kombëtar i Banesave

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