Audit Sector

Mrs. Mimoza Muçollari

Audit Sector



The Audit Sector performs the audit activity at the ECB General Directorate as well as in the regional branches.


  1. It compiles annual and strategic plans for the ECB’s audit activity, which are approved by the Governing Council of the National Housing
  2. Authority. In their drafting is based on the Law No.114, dated 22.10.2015 “On Internal Audit in the Public Sector” and the Internal Audit
  3. Manual, approved by Order No. 100 of the Minister of Finance dated 25.10.2016. Prepares work analyzes, annual, 6-month, 3-month and other information when required by the Steering Council and the General Director.
    It prepares periodic (6-month) and annual reports, as well as relevant records for the reporting period, requested by the Internal Control
  4. Harmonization Directory at the Ministry of Finance in implementation of the Audit Manual.
  5. Participates in audits, prepares work programs in accordance with the annual program (combined programs, compliance, performance etc.), compiles documentary practice for the audited object under law no. 114/2015 “On Internal Auditing in the Public Sector” and the Internal Audit Manual.


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