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Procurement Sector


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Procurement Sector is responsible for coordinating, conducting, following and implementing public procurement procedures, in compliance with applicable legal and sub legal acts.


  1. Provide the necessary data through the approved Economic Program and the requirements of the respective structures in the institution and together with the other members of the procurement unit, prepare the forecasting register and the record of carrying out the public procurement procedures.
  2. Prepare project-estimate and technical specifications in case of procurement of an approved type object.
  3. Select the type of procurement procedure (and the justification when appropriate).
  4. Calculates the limit fund, when this task is not assigned a special structure.
  5. Drafts the procurement order.
  6. It prepares the tender documents and collects all the necessary materials attached to them, including the drafting of specific qualification criteria and technical specifications, when this task has not been assigned a specific structure.
  7. Drafts and submits notices for publication, within the time limits of the procurement procedures to the Public Procurement Agency, pursuant to Law no. 9643, dated 20.11.2006, as amended, “On Public Procurement”, as amended and DCM no. 914, dated 29.12.2014, “On the Approval of Public Procurement Rules”.
  8. It administers all minutes of the tender documents and any other documents related to the winner determination procedures, including the minutes of the meetings.
  9. Realizes in collaboration with small commission commission members all procedures related to small value purchases for goods, labor and services, in order to meet the needs of the institution.
  10. Upon completion of the tender procedures, according to the laws and regulations in force, the file is submitted to the ECB’s archive.
  11. It examines the claims and appeals received by the ECB regarding procurements.


Procurement Sector (1 + 2)

– Procurement Sector Responsibility

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– Procurement Specialist


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