Service premises for sale in Fier


For sale 6 service units in the 8-storey residential building with 35 apartments in “16 Prilli” Neighborhood, Kujtim Majaci Street. The existence of downstairs premises has defined the construction line and has made the urban area more urban, giving a commercial dimension that is quite necessary for the area. Initial auction value is 32,667 (thirty-two thousand six hundred and sixty-seven) leks / m² without VAT or 39,200 (thirty-nine thousand two hundred) lekë / m² with VAT. The deadline for submission of applications for participation is 23.05.2018, 11:00.

Service Unit


Lokali Sip.shfrytezimi në m2

Njesia 1                           67,34                                     

Njesia 2                           74,77                                      

Njesia 3                           47,59                                       

Njesia 4                           78,08                                      

Njesia 5                           41,66                                      

Njesia 6                           51,55                                   

Totali i sip.te lokaleve ne k.perdhe 360,99 m2

Sales Authorities

Place of Auction Development: (Address: National Housing Office, “Street of Kavaja”, building no. 80, entry 1, floor 5 (former publishing house “Naim Frashëri”), Tirana, Tel; 042 230 996, 042 227 796, tel fax, 042 234 978


The architecture of the object Flat 83/5 8 floors is a simple, residential architecture with a façade with plaster and plastic paint. The apartment is equipped with elevator.

The ground floor has been designed with 6 service units, the works have been completed completely. All finishing works, such as layers, plastering and painting, doors, windows, complete the toilet environment with hydro-sanitary equipment. Completed works are at one good quality.

The ground floor floor is waterproofed with two layers of granite and paved with quality ceramic tiles.

A lightning strike network has been established.

On the ground floor at the local service are realized the entrances and exits with special ramps.

The stairs are worn with marble tiles.

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