Deputy General Director

Mrs. Ronda Stefa

Deputy General Director


It acts to ensure and ensure the efficient functioning of the General Administration of the National Housing Authority.
The Deputy General Director performs the functions of the Director General in cases of lack, inability or physical disability to act as an individual administrative body.

1. The Deputy Director General shall be appointed and released from office with the approval of the Minister of the Line, upon the proposal of the Steering Council.
2. In absentia and upon the order of the Director General, he or she signs administrative acts and other materials addressed to the state administration bodies.
3. Calls on the directors of the directorates / heads of sectors in the General Directorate and the directors of the regional branches and analyzes the performance of the economic and financial indicators.
4. Proposes improvements in the legal and sub-legal acts related to the field of activity of the National Housing Authority.
5. Coordinates and coordinates work on solving specific problems that require collaboration between the Directorates of General Directorate and regional branches.
6. It chairs committees and working groups, set up by the ECB General Director, for the performance of the ECB’s activity.
7. Informs, periodically, monthly and whenever it deems necessary for the Director General to carry out the work and proposes appropriate measures.
8. Report to the Director General for the accomplishment of the duties of the Directorates / Sectors in the General Directorate and the regional branches under his direct responsibility.

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